Monday, April 23, 2007

A Weekend Outside

Ethan in his wagon, Wally, hunting aliens with his ray gun.

The Chief and his bike, Buffalo, on the concrete prairie. Early triathlon training.

Didn't do as much swimming, biking and running as I would have liked this weekend but the weather was fantastic for taking the Chief to the park and cooking out on an open fire.

On Sunday morning I ran the Allerton trail with buffalo buddies Dr. Rose, S&M, and the Riddler. Weather couldn't have been nicer for a good 6-mile run. The Riddler always asks me about my planned Appalachian Trail backpacking adventures: I'm seriously thinking of doing an out-and-back from Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, near the Maryland border, and heading north on the 41 miles of trail through Maryland, then hoofing it a bit in Pennsylvania before going off-trail 11 miles to Gettysburg in southern Pennsylvania and back. Backpacker magazine's latest issue has an article on the entire stretch of the trail in Maryland. This area is rich in history and very scenic, with much of the trail on the South Mountain range. There are no bears on that stretch of the Appalachian Trail and it is an easier hike than Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, which I did last summer. Yellowstone is still in the plans for this year too.

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