Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ali Baba Meets Madeline Rose

The white-gloved lady on the left, my cat Maddie, was not impressed at her first meeting with the gentleman on the right in the tuxedo, Ali Baba. With ears pinned back, Maddie jumped to the top of the couch and let out the roar of a mountain lion as a greeting to Ali, who looked bewildered as my ferocious feline voiced her disgust. Ali is my son Tim's dog. Both will be living with me for a month until Tim moves into a new place. Maddie surprised me. She didn't seem all that afraid; in fact, I have seen her move more quickly to avoid my grandson Red Chief. At first Maddie hid as the well-behaved and very obedient pit bull entered her domain, but later she seemed simply annoyed at his presence. It will be an interesting month.

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