Wednesday, September 05, 2007

With the Chief In the Wilds of Maplecrest Drive

With a headlamp for light, Red Chief and I read magazines in the tent. To my amazement, once I turned off the headlamp and announced it was time to sleep, it wasn't 10 minutes before the little guy was snoozing.

Sunday morning, 7 a.m., having just awakened.

The Chief cooking bratwurst.

The big camp-out Saturday night in my back yard was a great fun. The Princess, Tim and his wonder dog Ali cooked out with us and stayed for a while. The perfect weather included a brilliant full moon, which I stared at for hours while the little guy was in a deep sleep. Next morning was fun with reading the Sunday paper and getting McDonald's pancakes and sausage for breakfast and eating out our campsite. With a huge smile, the Chief announced that we would have to do this again. Sure will.


Anonymous said...

Hey there -- I know you were worried about him getting to sleep so I'm glad it all went smoothly. You're a great grandpa. And he's adorable.


Tom said...

Hey Arathi -- Isn't it ironic that I was the one who didn't sleep? We sure did have fun. Miss you and Davie.

Vickie said...

Too much fun. Enjoy those days while you can. Nothing more sweet than spending time with the little ones. Lewis & Clark: great reading. Some day I want to go on the Lewis & Clark trail.

Phoenix said...

Doesn't get any better than that.