Monday, June 09, 2008

Good Times - Memorial Day Weekend

Red Chief and his Princess Mother. That look on his face tells me the Princess probably said something that irked the Chief.

Little Bull with Bull Daddy (son Tim) and Mama Lanata.

Wolf Woman's birthday was on Memorial Day weekend, and she came over to my mom's house to meet my sister and her family. We surprised her with a birthday cake.

While in the batter's box during a 1932 World Series game, Babe Ruth pointed to seats in the outfield, reputedly predicting he would hit a home run to that spot. And he promptly did just that. Red Chief (above) calls a shot to the outfield at Westview School during a ferocious pitch and hit session with me on Memorial Day. The Chief then hit a slow grounder to third. Some day he will clear the fence with a mighty shot.

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