Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bring It On! Head Bangers in Wyoming

Yeah, another video. This is magnificent: two buffalo bulls battling, accompanied by symphonic music and chorus. Right now at Yellowstone National Park the annual buffalo rut is taking place. A Yellowstone visitor describes the battle of the bulls: "Their guttural rumblings resonate across Hayden Valley as the bison gather for the annual August rut. If you pull over next to a herd and shut off your engine, you can hear the most amazing combinations of snort and sneezing, roars and bellows, and what sound like the loudest and longest belches you’ve ever heard! What makes the bison rut so fun to watch is that there is always something going on. Bulls communicate and dominate by a series of sounds that range from snorts and grunts to all-out bellows. Researchers have found that these roars can be heard nearly 3 miles away."

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