Monday, January 08, 2007

Rum Runners: Sailing the Trail of the Siberian Sea

After braving a dizzying voyage, Buffaloes unite in a victory pyramid. Bottom row (l-r): Mr. Clean, Wonder Calves, Democrat Tom, and The Cable Guy. Middle: Cousin Don, Devil Dawg, Scarface, and (standing) Agnes Kissalamb. Top: Worm and Wrong Way. Only Buffalo nicknames are given to protect the honor of their families.

Scene: Saturday at the Siberian Express Trail Run at Kickapoo
Crime: Rum somehow got into the water bottles of the Buffaloes
Result: It was a choppy sea of mud on the trail but despite being under the influence of Captain Morgan, the Buffaloes made it to port.
To view the buffalo crew at the Siberian, click on the doggy and scroll through the photos, looking particularly for a large group of runners, and specifically for a pirate in a black buffalo shirt and khaki hat. Photos 23, 24, 25, and 34 are the best.

And speaking of erratic behavior, I have signed up for a 30-mile trail race to be held April 1 at Clinton Lake and a triathlon to be held June 2 near Bloomington. I am not well.

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